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Whisper Auctions is inventing and providing Kensington Palace Gardens & Villa Aurora, the world’s most expensive real estate, by Ignace Meuwissen 2023

Real estate’s most recent invention is Whisper Auctions. The Swiss “boutique firm” specializes in selling luxury real properties away from the public eye. This leads us to the exclusive realm of ‘off market’ real estate for ‘Ultra High Net Worth People’ (UHNWI).

Providing exclusive real estate is a challenge for a number of owners. Their property is displayed on the internet via photographs. Yet photographs have an immediate, uncontrollable life of their own. When a property has not yet found a buyer, it is a nightmare for the owner to have his images recirculated. Furthermore, this unchecked piracy endangers the safety of the individual.

In response to these obstacles, Ignace Meuwissen created Whisper Auctions, where interested parties can register through email to participate. After verification, access to the file is then permitted. Each registration is meticulously verified and monitored to safeguard the vendor and buyer from prying eyes. The new service is launching with two flagship offerings: Villa Aurora and Kensington Palace Gardens. With a price tag of €467 million, Villa Aurora in Rome must be the most expensive house in the world. Kensington Palace Gardens in London is often known as “billionaires row” due to the fact that villas are frequently put up for sale or change hands beneath the radar.

Villa Aurora in Rome

Villa Aurora was once listed for €467 million. The home, which features a Caravaggio painting on the ceiling, continues to fascinate the globe in part because no legitimate bidder has yet shown themselves. The following auction is scheduled for April. While the property is listed by the Italian Ministry of Culture, the Italian government will have the opportunity to purchase it at the same price if an offer is approved. Vittorio Sgarbi, Italy’s minister of culture, told the British newspaper The Guardian that the present owner will be permitted to remain on the property as a curator until the home is sold. With Whisper Auctions and Private Sales, a confidential interim offer can be put in for the Villa Aurora.

London’s Kensington Palace Gardens

Whisper Actions will sell a luxury home in Kensington Palace Gardens via Private Sales using a stringently regulated procedure. The offer prices are anticipated to reach over £100 million.

Kensington Palace Gardens is a prestigious street in Kensington, west of London’s central business district, close to Kensington Gardens and Kensington Palace. Guarded by sentry boxes and accessible by gates at each end. Along it are several foreign diplomatic missions. It is the link between Notting Hill Gate and Kensington High Street. Palace Green is the southern portion of Kensington Palace Gardens.

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About Ignace Meuwissen

Ignace Meuwissen is a prominent and well-known consultant for customers in eastern Europe, central Asia, and east Asia. He is an expert in the private sale of residential property. He is a pioneer in this market area on account of his superior network and personalized marketing. Based on market demands and his expertise with sellers, purchasers, and financial institutions, he established Whisper Auctions, a company that specializes in private sales and auctions of residential real estate beginning at 5 million euros, mostly in Eastern Europe and Central and East Asia.

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