Expert Explains How Stress Affects Diabetes 2023

Stress and worry can disrupt your eating and sleeping habits. One may be ravenous. Stress can also alter diet and exercise, which affects blood sugar. When anxious, some individuals skip meals or eat unhealthy foods, which might affect their blood sugar.

Thus, controlling stress with exercise, meditation, and deep breathing helps lower blood sugar levels. Stress may require diabetics to change their medication or insulin dosage.

Dr. Priyamvada Tyagi, Consultant – Endocrinologist, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj, East Delhi, discusses how stress affects blood sugar and how to regulate it.

Stress and Blood Sugar: How?

Dr. Tyagi defines stress as concern or mental strain induced by a challenging circumstance. Stress motivates us to overcome obstacles.

“Everyone has stress. Stress increases cortisol and adrenaline, which raises blood sugar. Dr. Tyagi stated chronic high blood sugar worsens diabetic complications.

Diabetics with Stress: How to Manage?

Nowadays, stress is inescapable due to poor lifestyles and no work-life balance. Thus, eating well and exercising can keep you sane. “Regular meals, diet, exercise, sleep hygiene, and meditation will help. Talking to loved ones and asking for support reduces stress. Dr. Tyagi added that sometimes stress is caused by the condition itself and that talking to your doctor may help.

Diabetes with Stress: How to Control Blood Sugar?

Dr. Tyagi says that severe stress may require a greater dose of medications or insulin to control blood sugars. Sleeping well reduces stress. Doctors and family members must work together to treat and avoid this serious scenario.

Diabetes: Diet or Exercise?

Regular exercise releases endorphins, which boost mood. Follow your passion. Dr. Tyagi stated that continuous exercise benefits most forms.

Healthy and unhealthy stress relief involves food. Stress-eating can cause weight gain, according to Dr. Tyagi. Deep breaths, mindful food selections, focusing on the meal, and feeling comfortable and pleased while eating reduce stress.

Chronic Stress Management Exercises

Chronic and acute stress continually activate the fight-or-flight response, raising hormones and risking health issues. Slow, deep breaths, music, gum, and a little piece of dark chocolate or green tea may relieve tension.

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