Efforts to combat childhood obesity 2023

Children who are overweight are obese. When they consume more than they burn, kids grow obese like adults. Obesity in children is assessed by BMI, which compares weight to height.

Childhood obesity is the most common chronic childhood condition, according to Dr. Rivane Chybar Virgo, a medical doctor and health and wellness coach.

“Childhood obesity is a complex disease that occurs when your child is overweight for their age and height. Dr. Chybar Virgo added, “That’s why a pediatrician or doctor always checks the baby’s weight against their height.”

Because childhood obesity increases with age, preventing it in children is crucial.

Obesity can lead to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, orthopedic issues, and liver disease in children.

Obese children experience social prejudice, low self-esteem, and sadness.

Poor diet and inactivity can lead to obesity in kids and teens. Lifestyle and genetics affect children’s weight.

Obesity is excess body fat caused by several circumstances. Food and drink intake exceeds energy use. Dr. Chybar Virgo added genetics, pregnancy diet, and lifestyle problems can all cause childhood obesity.

If nothing changes, Dr. Chybar Virgo of the World Obesity Federation predicts childhood obesity would quadruple by 2035. 208 million males and 175 million girls are included.

Preventing obesity is currently the best treatment. A healthy diet includes vegetables, fruits, legumes, entire grains, and lean protein. Getting at least an hour of exercise per day is also beneficial.

“Today’s environment shapes children and adolescents’ habits and perceptions. Dr. Chybar Virgo added that children’s environment devalues physical activity.

He claimed youngsters were more active, ate more fruits and vegetables, had less fast food, ate smaller portions, and had less stress and processed foods in the past.

“Today we have less activity, children are eating fewer fruits and vegetables, more fast food, larger portions, processed foods, and more stress. Modern kids are less active. She claimed children and teenagers are becoming more sedentary due to computer use, TV watching, and less physical education in schools.

Children’s increased sedentary lifestyle is another key contributor to childhood obesity. “School-aged children spend most of their day in school, only moving during recess or PE. Dr. Chybar Virgo stated physical education was once needed daily.

Obesity is more likely in low-income children and adolescents. Several factors affect behavior and activity.

Lower-income children often cannot afford extracurricular activities, which decreases their physical activity. Dr. Chybar Virgo added that low-income families generally choose high-calorie, fat, and sugar convenience items.

Educational levels affect obesity’s socioeconomic impact. Nutrition and good eating choices are unfamiliar to low-educated parents. It’s hard to teach their kids those ideals.

Children are our future. To assist our kids become their best selves, we must care about their health. Dr. Chybar Virgo added a healthy weight indicates adult health and well-being.

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