Children’s constipation and medical visits 2023

Constipation in youngsters is a prevalent issue according to a reliable source. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), one in twenty children’s visits to the doctor is due to constipation.

Symptoms may include difficulty passing stools and less than the twice-weekly passage of hard, lumpy, or dry stools. Children might have constipation for a variety of causes.

This article examines the symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, potential causes, prevention, and when to consult a physician for constipation in children.

Symptoms of constipation in children

  • Constipation affects over 30 percent of children and adolescents globally.
  • The following are some probable symptoms connected with constipation in children:
  • passing less than two bowel movements per week passing hard, lump

When to consult a pediatrician

  • A person should take their child to a pediatrician if their constipation lasts longer than 2 weeks
    Both Trusted Sources and home treatments are ineffective.
  • Also, a person should seek medical attention if a kid has constipation and any of the following symptoms:
  • bleeding from the rectum blood in the stool bloating stomach pain vomiting weight loss
    Here you can learn more about pediatricians and pediatrics.


  • A doctor may frequently identify constipation based on the symptoms and medical history of a kid.
  • A physical examination may be required on occasion. This may entail a rectal exam, and assessing the child’s blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate.
  • Doctors may also screen feces for concealed blood. This can assist in determining the probable cause of constipation and confirming the diagnosis.
  • If the reason remains unknown, a doctor may request more testing, especially if blood is detected in the stool. Blood tests, urine tests, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, ultrasounds, and X-rays may be performed as further tests.
  • Read more about physical examinations and what to anticipate here.


  • A parent may be able to cure the constipation of their child at home. They can help encourage bowel movements by giving their child high fiber foods and plenty of fluids to drink.
  • Moreover, children may be able to use laxatives to promote bowel motions. Nonetheless, a person should seek a doctor’s guidance before providing a laxative to a youngster.
  • A 2019 review indicates that oral laxatives are effective for the majority of youngsters.
  • Read about home cures for infant constipation.


Constipation develops commonly when feces move slowly through the digestive tract. This causes the feces to absorb an excessive amount of liquid, resulting in hard, dry stool. This may make having a bowel movement painful.

Dehydration and a lack of fiber can cause constipation. Nevertheless, it can also be a sign of an underlying illness such as:

  • Hirchsprung disease
  • celiac disease
  • spina bifida, and other problems of the spine \sspinal cord damage
  • traumatic brain injuries, diabetes, and other metabolic diseases
  • hypothyroidism and other hormone-related conditions
  • Causes of obstruction or constriction of the colon or rectum

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