Two Low-Fiber Snacks That Slow Metabolism and Inflammation 2023

Snacking can help you lose weight by stabilizing blood sugar, reducing inflammation, and boosting metabolism. But, choosing a weight-loss snack might be difficult. High-fiber foods help control sugar levels and delay digestion to keep you satisfied longer, according to health experts. Prevents overeating and hunger between meals. Avoid low-fiber snacks and choose high-fiber ones.

Dr. Zeeshan Afzal, MD, a general care doctor, dermatologist, and Welzo medical officer, discussed the worst low-fiber snacks. He stated low-fiber foods like potato chips and candy bars are the worst. Refined additives inhibit metabolism and induce inflammation.

Processed Snacks

Dr. Afzal said processed foods “such potato chips or corn chips” are heavy in saturated fats, salt, and calories, which can cause belly fat. However, they’re lacking in fiber and nutrients. “High-calorie, unhealthy-fat, and salt foods like potato chips or corn chips might impede metabolism,” he says. “The excessive fats and salt in these foods might trigger chronic inflammation.”

Instead of chips, Dr. Afazel advises nuts and seeds for their healthy fats, fiber, and protein. He recommends almonds, walnuts, or chia seeds for metabolism and inflammation. “Nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts, or chia seeds are additional wonderful alternatives for increasing metabolism and lowering inflammation since they are high in healthy fats, [fiber], and protein, which may help manage blood sugar levels and keep you full and pleased,” he says. “They are abundant in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory chemicals, which can decrease inflammation and prevent chronic illness.” Nice to know!

Sugary snacks

Sugary snacks contain unneeded sugars, processed carbs, and harmful fats. Candy, pastries, and drink are unhealthy. They lack minerals and fiber. “Sugary foods like candy bars, pastries, or drink might slow metabolism because they induce a quick surge in blood sugar levels, followed by a collapse, which can lead to exhaustion and sluggishness,” says Dr. Afzal. “The excessive quantities of added sugars and processed carbs in these snacks might trigger chronic inflammation.” Noted!

He recommends apples, bananas, or berries for sweet cravings. Fruits provide antioxidants and fiber, which promote metabolism and reduce inflammation. Afzal adds, “Fiber-rich foods like apples, bananas, and berries enhance metabolism and reduce inflammation by regulating blood sugar and keeping you full. Antioxidants suppress inflammation and prevent chronic illness.”

Bottom Line

Balance matters. Just don’t eat them every day. We can ensure that Dr. Afzal’s advice to eat nuts and fruits will pay off, whether you’re trying to lose weight or just stay healthy!

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