Zinc-rich meals for hair growth 2023

Several factors, such as pollution, climatic change, excessive use of chemicals, and nutritional deficiency, have been linked to sudden hair loss. Well, the key to halting hair loss and promoting new hair growth is incorporating zinc-rich, nutritious foods into your diet. Here is a list of nutrients that can stimulate hair growth and prevent sudden hair loss.

Why zinc?

Zinc is derived from the foods we consume, and zinc supplementation can effectively prevent sudden hair loss. Due to the close connection between hair follicles and the immune system, the effect of food on hair loss is significantly greater than that of topical application.

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Phylates, a compound found in plant-based diets, can aid in the binding of zinc and promote hair growth.


Vitamin D-rich Shiitake mushrooms can provide your body with up to 7 percent zinc on a daily basis, which can aid in reversing zinc deficiency and hair loss. Mushroom consumption can also improve immunity and bone health.


Daily consumption of spinach can also promote hair growth because it contains approximately 0.16 grams of zinc. Additionally, spinach helps improve hair texture and promote hair growth by increasing iron levels.


Incorporating lentils and legumes, which are abundant in protein and zinc, into one’s diet may promote faster hair growth and improve hair texture. In fact, not only are these plant-based foods zinc-rich, but they are also loaded with nutrients that are excellent for immunity and gut health. The zinc content of 100 grams of legumes is approximately 1.5 milligrams.

Pumpkin Seeds

These minuscule yet powerful seeds contain approximately 2 grams of zinc per serving, which reverses hair loss and promotes the growth of new hair. In addition, the essential nutrients in these seeds can enhance the immune system.

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