Which Type of Racking System Is Better, Bolted or Boltless?

Which Type of Racking System Is Better, Bolted or Boltless?

The argument over racking systems is still very much alive. Between bolted and boltless racks, there are a lot of factors to take into account. The boltless system requires less time to install than the fastened system, although the bolted system is less stiff during seismic events. Let’s examine which of the two racking systems is now the most popular storage option for many companies in the sector for more clarity.

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What Is A Racking System Without Bolts?

The best way to satisfy the growing needs of the warehousing sector while reducing the amount of material sorting is to implement boltless shelf systems. Because it is simple to construct and dismantle and can readily recover items, it has emerged as a top option. particularly for physical labor.


1. Easily assembled and customizable

Imagine putting your rack together with just a rubber mallet. This is achievable with a boltless racking solution. Bolted racks must be assembled using the conventional clips, nuts, and bolts approach, which requires the use of extra tools during installation. Not only is this intricate and time-consuming, but the bolts may ultimately rust. On the other hand, because boltless racks are made of metal, they have neat lines and a beautiful finish.

2. Sturdy

Steel is the most common material used to make boltless shelving components, giving them the durability to support the weight of bulkier items while being stored. Some units have a 200 kilogram to 500 kg capacity per shelf, or 2000 pounds.

3. Risk-Free Utilization

In storage work situations, maintaining organization is essential. For this reason, seamless shelving solutions have been introduced in the boltless system. The rack is accessible from all sides, and adjusting the shelf levels is simple and safe because there are no sway bars, panels, or other mechanical obstacles.

Negative aspects

1. It’s Hard To Repair

A boltless racking system’s painted frames make it more challenging to see interior damage that requires quick repair with the human eye.

Because Boltless Racking System is epoxy powder coated, it will corrode less.

It is simple to repair damaged components, such as metal panels, beams, and frames.

Bolted Racking System: What Is It?

Bolted racking is an affordable specialty type of racking that uses standard bolts and nuts to construct upright frames that can accommodate different heights.


1. Personalization

A fastened rack allows you to tailor it to the exact dimensions of your needs and specifications. Cutting down the angles columns and modifying the bracing during rack frame assembly is all that is required.

2. Cheaper

Bolted racking is well known for its economical advantages. They are less expensive because, once rusted or broken, they cannot be replaced.because they don’t need additional labor when it comes to repairs. Damage is readily apparent during examination and may be evaluated fast, which makes replacements seem simple.

Negative aspects

1. Time-consuming

The time required to screw and fix each component in order to build the rack may be longer and more laborious than with boltless shelving. It includes extra screws, bolts, and rivets that suit the shelving pieces that need to be purchased. The mechanical handling of a bolted rack might be difficult to grasp and put up if this is your first time using one. Some racks are hefty and might fall loose if the screws are not done correctly.

2. Easily Rusted

Different materials, including titanium, plastic, and metal, are used to make bolts and nuts. Tightening is necessary to secure these lock nuts in place because quite a few of them are involved in the operation. They may corrode over time. The bolts’ metal surfaces start to become uneven as corrosion occurs. The rack will eventually become less effective and weaker.

Final Opinion: Proceed Boltless

It is evident which racking method performs better after comparing the two. Now that you have more information, you can decide wisely when purchasing your first boltless rack! You may visit our website to find out more information about boltless racking solutions. Eastern Win provides lightweight, boltless shelving racks that provide creative joint designs and simple assembly for carefully organizing your warehouse inventory.