What is a disease of the thyroid eye? All the info you need 2023

Your immune system protects you from germs and other possible health risks. When you have a thyroid eye disease, your body misidentifies the tissue in and around your eyes as an invader from the outside. Antibodies, which are cells secreted by your immune system, then assault the fat, muscle, and other tissues within and around the eye.

It is unknown to specialists what particularly triggers this immunological response in some individuals. All of the causes are still being investigated. Most prone to the condition are those with hyperthyroidism, or an excess of thyroid hormone. Infrequently, it might be caused by an underactive thyroid. If your thyroid levels are ordinary, you are quite unlikely to get these conditions.


Thyroid Eye (TED), a rare autoimmune disorder, is characterized by inflammation of the ocular muscles and fatty tissue behind the eye. Although the majority of Graves’ disease patients have hyperthyroidism or an overactive thyroid gland, it can extremely infrequently afflict persons without a thyroid issue.

Although total blindness is exceedingly rare, people with thyroid eye disease may have double or blurred vision, dry or overly wet eyes, red eyes, and eye discomfort. When seen with one or both eyes, persons with this eye ailment may observe that colors look less vibrant than they formerly did. By quitting smoking, using selenium supplements, and maintaining normal thyroid hormone levels, eye disease symptoms can be managed.

Symptoms may include swelling of the eyelids. Because it predominantly affects the orbit, which is where your eyes are positioned in your skull, this is the case. Muscles, fat, and other tissues in this region may enlarge as a result of inflammation caused by immune cells.

You may also experience the following symptoms:

  • Eye strain and discomfort
  • The whites of your eyes are red.
  • An inflammation that feels like dirt is in the eye.
  • Double vision
  • moist or dry eyes and sensitivity to light

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