This Is What Happens When a Rubber Ducky Appear on a Jeep

A synopsis of the origins of the popular game Duck, Duck, Jeep and information on how to play it to become a part of this Jeep driver community

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One of those brands with a devoted following of customers who are bound together by a love of Wranglers, Cherokees, and now Jeep ducks, is Jeep. What is the final item there that isn’t a new automobile model?

Similar to how cruise ducks have united cruisers with an insider secret, the social media-driven Jeep duck movement of the past several years has united Jeep owners while they are on road trips or simply running errands around town. While Jeep ducks themselves don’t make driving any safer, the fascinating history of the Jeep duck movement may make driving a Jeep even more enjoyable. Maybe you’ll meet some new people along the route!

Why do people adorn Jeeps with rubber ducks?

The desire to make others smile is at the core of the Jeep Ducks phenomena. To surprise their owners, Jeep owners place rubber duckies on other Jeeps. Fans of this adored car brand are doing this as a random act of goodwill and inside joke.

Jeep ducks are all about creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for visitors and tourists, a habit that began when one Jeep owner felt unsafe and unwelcome.

How did Jeeps begin to duck?

In 2020, in the early days of COVID-19, a trend that is currently known as Jeep Ducking started in Ontario, Canada. Allison Parliament, a Jeep owner, had to rely on a buddy for a much-needed pit stop to cool off before continuing on the road following a violent dispute at a gas station parking lot.

Parliament bought a package of rubber duckies as a funny gift for her buddy and concealed them all over his house before traveling farther north into Canada to see her relatives. However, Parliament placed a lone yellow duck with a kind note stating “nice Jeep” on a stranger’s Jeep in the shop parking lot before those ducks were dispersed around an unknowing friend’s house.

When the Jeep’s owner noticed her, he laughed and advised her to share the incident on social media. When she did, a movement was launched, and it currently has over 73,000 (and counting) Facebook fans. That addresses the age-old query, “What is community?” How about that? Now, Jeep itself has acknowledged Parliament’s social media group as the official Jeep duck account!

What actions ought one to take when discovering a Jeep duck?

Take a photo of the duck when you discover it on your Jeep and share it on social media with the hashtag #duckduckjeep. In this manner, other Jeep Duck community members may discover it, appreciate it, and leave comments on your gift. After that, display the duck as a badge of honor on your dashboard and continue to wave to other Jeep drivers you come across on the road. The duck that was given to you is yours to keep, or you can gift it to another Jeep driver.

What guidelines apply to Jeep ducking?

Kindness is the only true guideline for Jeep ducking. Rubber duckies may be purchased to store in your Jeep and then haphazardly place on other Jeeps as you see fit. One that was left for you might also be given again.

Jeep ducks are often positioned such that the driver can quickly notice them before driving away. This can be done by placing them in front of the inspection stickers, next to the windshield wiper, or just outside the driver’s side window. Perhaps you’ll decide to put a duck on a Grand Cherokee since it’s the exact same model as your car, or maybe you’ll leave one on a Wrangler because you like the color. You have complete control over where the ducks are placed, however some Jeep ducking enthusiasts like to utilize seasonal ducks to coincide with a forthcoming holiday or color coordinate the duck to the Jeep. To put it briefly, there aren’t any set regulations.

Jeep ducking is easy and enjoyable. The Jeep duck craze isn’t an attempt to raise awareness of a particular cause, unlike other commonplace sightings like dryer sheets in mailboxes, painted trees, green porch lights beaming in front of neighborhood homes, or boots on fences.

Jeep ducks are exclusive to Wranglers.

Jeep ducking is no longer limited to the Wrangler; it was once only a Wrangler phenomenon. Indeed, Jeep ducks may now be seen perched on Cherokees, Liberty, Compasses, and any other type of car with the Jeep emblem.

The duck craze is being appropriated by drivers of other auto manufacturers, who are mounting them on cars all around the world. Whether they arrive in the form of a Toyota Corolla, which is always rated as one of the greatest automobiles to buy, or a Jeep Cherokee, we believe that any more smiles are welcome.

When jeeping, should you leave a note?

Of course, you can if you’d want. There was a little letter attached to the first Jeep duck Parliament left for an unwary automobile owner, and it soon became one of the heartwarming tales of neighbors getting together during COVID. But while Jeep dodging, there’s no need to write anything on rubber ducks.

If you do write something, you may provide a succinct description of Jeep ducking in order to spread the word about this new custom and strengthen the community. Alternatively, you might create a pun about a Jeep or a duck, praise the individual on their Jeep or amusing bumper stickers, or just leave a positive message with the hashtag #duckduckjeep. You are going to pen an additional chapter in the tale of compassion.

When Jeep ducking, what type of rubber ducks are appropriate?

Jeep owners also enjoy to leave small surprises in parking lots all around the world, and their favored pick is the classic two-inch rubber duck, which is ideal for bathtub playing. Whichever duck quacks to you—you may leave them dressed as pirates, princesses, pets, or superheroes, or you can go crazy and get a glittering Jeep duck!

Recently, during the North American International Auto Show, the Jeep firm itself joined in on the fun. Although the company’s six-story-tall, 8,000-pound yellow duck was a major hit in Detroit, the rubber ducks used in Duck Duck Jeep games are much smaller!