The top 5 strategies to increase your Battle Points in Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB)

One of the most important aspects of MLBB is Battle Points. Players may buy the majority of the roster’s champions with the use of this in-game money. By the same token, MLBB players are constantly searching for innovative methods to obtain more Battle Points without spending any money, as purchasing additional champions is essential. This article lists some of the greatest free methods for you to quickly gain extra MLBB Battle Points.

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Use this MLBB advice to get additional free Battle Points.

1) Let the Free Chests Open

This is the simplest and most cost-free method for farming additional MLBB combat points. Players in the game can obtain up to six Free Chests per day, with one being accessible every four hours. Additionally, these chests can stack twice.

Players should be aware that there are other items in these chests besides Battle Points. Along with the hero and other fragments, they also deliver Magic Dust, which is an additional important commodity to gather, particularly for emblem upgrades, and Emblems, which are essential for the finest builds of a certain champion.

2) Redeem your daily login incentives.

Every Mobile Legends Bang Bang player treasures their daily rewards tab as it consistently delivers them with valuable in-game incentives. Users may earn Battle Points, new champions, champion skins, and more by completing new daily challenges.

MLBB players frequently have to log in, finish one game, finish three games, win one game, win two games, reach a specific number of kills or assists, among other things.

3) Keep your credit score good.

By touching on their avatar in the upper left corner of their home screen, players may view their credit scores. The weekly behavior of a player in the game determines their credit score. You may keep a high credit score in the game by avoiding being a poisonous teammate, joining matches before the thirty-second timer goes off, and not being absent from the game for an extended period of time.

In MLBB, players will get Battle Points through in-game mail if their credit score is 90 or above. Additionally, it keeps rising when there is a trend of high credit ratings.

4) Examine the Events Hall

Another crucial place to hunt for additional MLBB Battle Points is the Events Hall. In the game, the Event Hall is made up of a wide variety of unique jobs for all kinds of events. This engaging section includes activities like taking quizzes and playing games with friends.

As a reward for finishing them all, players can receive a ton of unique goodies. After that, you may trade in these unique awards for Battle Points.

5) Make use of the two BP cards.

For a brief period, these Double BP cards are available. There are several types of double BP cards available, including 1-Win, 1-Day, and 3-Day cards. With the aid of these cards, you may simply get the necessary quantity of Battle Points to purchase your next champion in the game—doubling your current Battle Point total.

Additionally, these cards have the ability to raise your weekly maximum of Battle Points that you may earn from your fights by 1500.