The study suggests more than diet and exercises to combat childhood obesity 2023

Researchers concur that obesity is nearly a worldwide epidemic. Particularly, childhood obesity has become a source for worry, and its prevention requires more than simply nutrition and exercise.

Obesity in childhood occurs when a kid is excessively overweight relative to his or her age and height. According to a new study, there are several routes that contribute to childhood obesity.

It can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, psychological impacts, and even mortality.

The study, which was published in BMC Medicine, utilized data from “Growing up in Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children,” which included more than 10,000 Australian children.

Combining data science, biology, paediatrics, and public health, the University of Sydney researchers determined that childhood obesity is mostly a consequence of socioeconomic position. In addition to food and exercise, another element that influences the disease is parental education.

In addition, it was determined that between the ages of 8 and 10, a new route arises that focuses on how children use their free time, including parental high school education/socioeconomic status, computer games, free time activity, and child BMC (body mass index).

Parents’ and children’s BMIs were highly correlated.

The study also revealed that the upstream impacts on boys’ and girls’ spare time activities were distinct. There was a substantial and independent correlation between parents’ and children’s BMIs. The biological connection shows that obesity runs in families, in part due to common genes.

Professor Sally Cripps of the University of Technology Sydney stated that the information gleaned from this study is crucial for future policymakers and could not have been attained without this array of varied skills.

“Although initiatives promoting healthy food and physical activity are crucial, the solutions do not reside only within the purview of health departments. Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Sydney, Louise Baur, stated that a number of government ministries must collaborate to discuss how to implement structural reforms to alleviate socioeconomic disparity.

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