Nutritionist Debunks 5 Healthy-Appearing Foods 2023

Whether your goal is to lose weight or acquire muscle, it is essential to consume nutritious foods. Most of us resolve to substitute protein bars, smoothies, and salads for delectable cakes and chocolates in order to achieve our fitness goals. From energy beverages to baked chips, the market is saturated with purportedly healthful products. However, not everything labeled “healthy” is beneficial for your body.

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra discusses how even healthy meals may hurt our bodies.

To help you make an informed decision, nutritionist Lovneet Batra explains how certain foods, such as packaged salad and vegetable oils, can be harmful to the body despite their generally healthful reputation. Before incorporating these five foods to your healthy diet, there are a few things you should know.

Protein Bars and Beverages

These protein smoothies and bars are considered a great option for reviving your body after strenuous exercise due to their heavenly flavor. According to the nutritionist, however, a high protein content does not inherently imply that these foods will make you fit. She adds that many protein bars and smoothies are typically “bricks of artificial ingredients and additives” that provide no nutritional value.

Vegetable Oils

It is probable that you have been instructed to fry puris in sunflower oil and cook with soybean oil because these oils are healthier than others. But, according to the nutritionist, these are the “number one cause of health issues.” This is because vegetable oils are highly refined and rich in omega 6, which can accelerate cancer cell proliferation, blood coagulation, and inflammation in the body.

Yogurt with Flavor

Another food that you may have been eating for a long time under the assumption that it is not only delectable but also nutritious. However, these tart strawberry and fruit punch-flavored yogurts contain more sugar than a slice of cake. Certainly, you heard correctly. Therefore, the nutritionist recommends choosing the unflavored or unsweetened options.

Packaged Salad

The packaged salads are firm, presentable, and fragrant. However, this is not because they are packaged fresh, but rather because they contain a variety of preservatives. According to the nutritionist, most ready-to-eat packaged salads are harmful to the body due to their high sodium and cholesterol content.

Low-Fat Products

Those seeking to lose weight immediately remove a product from the shelf if the label reads “low-fat.” However, this does not always result in a healthier option. According to the nutritionist, food manufacturers typically substitute sugar for fat in low-fat products to improve their flavor.

Before adding items to your purchasing cart the next time you go shopping, keep the above points in mind.

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