New theories suggest COVID vaccinations cause tinnitus 2023

Tinnitus is a condition that occurs when a person perceives sounds from within their bodies, rather than from an external source; it is often described as a ‘ringing in the ears’.

Researchers have developed hypotheses regarding the cause of the hearing condition, despite the lack of evidence implicating vaccines.

A Facebook group titled “Tinnitus and Hearing Loss/Impairment after COVID Vaccination” persuaded scientists to investigate the possible connections.

The group, which has over 4,000 members, states in its description that it is “pro-vaccine” and that the page is for those “who believe they have developed tinnitus or a worsening of tinnitus after receiving the COVID vaccination.”

COVID vaccinations may cause tinnitus, according to new hypotheses.

“This also includes those who have developed hearing loss, hyperacusis, or other ear-related issues,” the statement continued.

Longtime tinnitus sufferer and representative of the American Tinnitus Association’s scientific advisory board, associate professor Shaowen Bao surveyed 398 of the group’s participants.

One man told Mr. Bao that he could not hear the car radio over the noise in his mind while driving, indicating the severity of the cases.

In addition to headaches, dizziness, vertigo, ear discomfort, anxiety, and depression, participants reported a range of other symptoms.

According to the survey, significantly more individuals developed tinnitus after the first dose of the vaccine than after the second.

Mr. Bao stated that the results indicate “the vaccine interacts with pre-existing risk factors for tinnitus.”

“If you have the risk factor, you will probably get it from the first dose,” he continued.

The outcomes are still being analyzed and have not yet been made public.

According to NBC News, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had received more than 16,000 complaints about tinnitus, or ringing in the hearing, after administering a COVID vaccine.

However, according to the CDC, “no data suggest a connection between Covid-19 vaccines and tinnitus.”

Why does tinnitus occur?

According to the NHS website, the causes of tinnitus are unknown but are frequently associated with hearing loss, diabetes, thyroid conditions, multiple sclerosis, depression, Meniere’s disease, and medication adverse effects.

The sounds caused by tinnitus may come and go, or they may be constant.

Tinnitus can resemble:

  • Ear ringing
  • Buzzing sound
  • Whooshing noise
  • Humming sound
  • Hissing sound
  • Throbbing sound
  • Music or singing

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