Experts: Immunotherapy and biologics are new Asthama treatments 2023

Because asthma affects both the airways and the lungs, it is a well-established fact that the most effective and risk-free short-term treatment for asthma is the use of inhalers. However, as a result of developments in the life sciences, more recent treatment methods, such as immunotherapy and biologics, are now being utilized more frequently.

On May 2, which was World Asthma Day, pulmonologists from the city hosted a conference to raise awareness about the disease at the Press Club. During the discussion, they discussed the disease, its triggers, and the most recent treatment approaches.

The most recent treatments for Asthma, according to specialists, are immunotherapy and biologics.

According to Dr. Vinit Niranjane, “allergies are the primary cause of asthma in the majority of patients.” We determine the cause of the allergy, and then on a regular basis we administer a very little quantity of the allergen that caused it. This has a long-term suppressing effect on the allergic inflammation and symptoms.

Dr. Vikrant Deshmukh shared his knowledge with the audience regarding the treatment of biologics. Steroid treatment was required for many people who suffered from severe asthma. However, there are negative side effects. Currently, biologics are being utilized as a means of avoiding these. “These are injections, and they are to be administered on a monthly basis,” he explained.

Medicines that are made from live cells and proteins, such as antibodies or gene treatments, are referred to as biologics. Biologics, according to Dr. Deshmukh, are potent medicines due to the fact that they can be tailored to specific functions in the body. This makes them useful in the treatment of inflammatory illnesses like asthma.

The treatment for asthma is a long-term commitment, according to Dr. Akash Balki, whether it involves immunotherapy or inhalers. It is possible to live a healthy and worry-free life while having asthma provided we take our prescribed inhalers on a consistent basis and continue to have a healthy lifestyle.

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